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Training sessions will take place outdoors in a location convenient for you, your local park or your complex gym. We service all Inner West Sydney areas.

No gym fees HOORAY.

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Inner West Sydney

Excellent Personal Trainer in Inner West Available When it comes to your fitness, you really shouldn’t be taking any chances....
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Personal Trainers Balmain

Professional Personal Trainers in Balmain Available Being fit and happy with the way your body is, is a joy. If...
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Personal Trainers Earlwood

You live  in a fast-paced world in which you want  to get everything  right- you want to be able to...
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Personal Trainer Haberfield

Where Can You Get the Best Personal Trainer in Haberfield? Everyone leads very busy lives today and though there may...
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Personal Training Leichhardt

You live in a fast-paced world and maintain very hectic work and personal schedules. You wake  up every  morning, grab...
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Personal Trainer Marrickville

Exercise the right way with your own personal trainer in Marrickville Too many times we take our fitness for granted....
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  • davidsimages
    I have been training with Evette for over 6 months doing personal training sessions. Evette helped me achieve awesome results. I have gained muscle and feel a lot stronger. I can lift much heavier now than I could when I started and I am very excited to see how much further I can go with muscle growth and my fitness level. Whilst I'm not trying to loose any weight, doing Boot camp helped me gain strenght and fitness that I needed, so I can work with weights even better, because we do alot of strenth training as well as cardio, which I enjoy the most. And boxing helped me to get my abs in shape. Thanks Evette, I really enjoy our work out sessions, it's always fun and challenging. David *the results may vary from person to person
  • Nick-Linda-wedding-300x200
    We have started training with Liv about 3 months before our wedding in Summer 2013, and we managed not only to lose weight, but tone up, get a lot fitter and stronger and felt amazing about our bodies for the first time in our lives. Liv prepared fitness routines for us that challenged us, and were different for both of us. I was so happy that I didn't have to worry about tuck shop arms for my wedding dress. We are still training with Liv once a week to keep up all the hard work we have put in and to maintain that honeymoon body. She is great, she really knows her stuff. Nick & Linda *the results may vary from person to person
  • Jessica-Together-300x268
    I am 57 years old, I wanted to lose weight and tone up in 2012. I have tried different diets and supplement before, it was just a waste of money, 100s of dollars, and it gave me nothing but gastritis (lots of pain in my stomach). Thanks to the girls at Fluro boot camp, they encouraged me when I felt so lost; they guided me not just with weight loss, but also with my confidence. Thanks Liv, I really enjoy our training and my new life as a fit and strong woman. Jessica – Enfield *the results may vary from person to person
  • Richard-before-after-300x225
    I'm 43 and I wanted to change the way I looked. I was unfit and overweight, I had to do something! So I joined the gym in December 2013 and started training. In January I decided to get a personal trainer as well, a friend highly recommended to me Olivia from Fluro Fitness, as she trained with her for a while and got great results. I was a bit sceptical if a PT can make much difference in my fitness, but decided to give it a go. I have been training now with Olivia for the past 9 months as well as my gym sessions that I do on my own. I've lost 13kg and my fitness, motivation and determination is through the roof. I haven't looked back since I started with Olivia, thanks Fluro Fitness for helping me get in shape. Richard – Earlwood *the results may vary from person to person